Friday, April 15, 2016

Your explanation makes my head hurt...

I woke up last night and, naturally, started thinking about story ideas for Captain Marvel. Because, really, when else does one naturally go over Captain Marvel stories?

Anyway, I started thinking about how DC wimped out and decided to refer to Billy's alter ego as "Shazam" from now on because they were afraid to take on The House of Mouse. (Grrrr....)

Anyway (again), at 3 in the morning, while thinking this over, I started to realize (4 years later, I know, but I can be a little slow) that this puts Captain Marvel Jr. in a bad spot. If there's no Captain Marvel, then there's no Captain Marvel Jr. because then there's no Captain Marvel for Freddy Freeman to idolize. And if there's no Captain Marvel, then that puts Mary Marvel in a bad spot too. And the 3 Lieutenant Marvels. And Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. And probably any other number of characters. I'm sure someone else had brought this up before because they're quicker on the uptake, but by this one wimpy decision DC's messed up a dozen or so characters in their library.

"How shortsighted that seems", I thought, and thus guaranteed that I wouldn't get any more sleep last night.

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