Monday, April 11, 2016

Miracle Jam! (May contain seeds)

While wasting time doing research, I came across this delightful jam cover for the Miracleman reprint series. See, I'm old enough to remember reading this as it was published, so seeing this brought back a wave of nostalgia. I remember being particularly fond of the Warpsmiths (which are discussed in this nice article over at the Forbidden Planet blog). I recall this striking image cementing that fondness:

Looking at the design, I can see that the same infant stimulation color aesthetic of red, black, and white that has been a success for characters like Deadpool, Harley Quinn, and Spider-Man is in full evidence here. The Warpsmiths were a bit like a spookier and weirder Green Lantern Corps/Lensman Corps that played a key role in Miracleman's origins. 

Follow the link for more beautiful images and cool links. I may have to do a follow-up...

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