Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ah, puberty...

deviantArt user nebezial is up to more mischief featured the good Captain and some of his JLA teammates. Click to embiggen or check the link above to see more cool artwork.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Your explanation makes my head hurt...

I woke up last night and, naturally, started thinking about story ideas for Captain Marvel. Because, really, when else does one naturally go over Captain Marvel stories?

Anyway, I started thinking about how DC wimped out and decided to refer to Billy's alter ego as "Shazam" from now on because they were afraid to take on The House of Mouse. (Grrrr....)

Anyway (again), at 3 in the morning, while thinking this over, I started to realize (4 years later, I know, but I can be a little slow) that this puts Captain Marvel Jr. in a bad spot. If there's no Captain Marvel, then there's no Captain Marvel Jr. because then there's no Captain Marvel for Freddy Freeman to idolize. And if there's no Captain Marvel, then that puts Mary Marvel in a bad spot too. And the 3 Lieutenant Marvels. And Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. And probably any other number of characters. I'm sure someone else had brought this up before because they're quicker on the uptake, but by this one wimpy decision DC's messed up a dozen or so characters in their library.

"How shortsighted that seems", I thought, and thus guaranteed that I wouldn't get any more sleep last night.

I'll be right there...

deviantArt user nebezial (doesn't that sound like a manga series?) plays off the fact that Billy's still a kid.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kataclysmic Kane Krossover!!

Among the many delightful images at the Cosmic Code Authority Facebook page, I found this delightful mash-up image. Click here to go straight to the post, but make sure to browse around and check out the really creative images going on there!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Captains Marvel!

Over at the Byrne Robotics forums, I found this little gem. Not only does Mr. Byrne offer a rendition of Mar-Vell's silver-haired look, but he also give him a pair of non-Nega-Band wrist blasters like he used to wear when he wore his green and white Kree togs!

Billy looks quite amused.

Can Miracleman come out to play?

In this variant cover for the upcoming Miracleman: Silver Age #3 (which pays homage to the classic cover for Superman #252), Miracleman misses out on the fun of the Silver Age.

Poor Miracleman...


If you'd like to see a nice article on the cover from which Carlos Pacheco is referencing, head over here for some nice scans and a cool index to show who all is enjoying themselves in DC's Silver Age.

Miracle Jam! (May contain seeds)

While wasting time doing research, I came across this delightful jam cover for the Miracleman reprint series. See, I'm old enough to remember reading this as it was published, so seeing this brought back a wave of nostalgia. I remember being particularly fond of the Warpsmiths (which are discussed in this nice article over at the Forbidden Planet blog). I recall this striking image cementing that fondness:

Looking at the design, I can see that the same infant stimulation color aesthetic of red, black, and white that has been a success for characters like Deadpool, Harley Quinn, and Spider-Man is in full evidence here. The Warpsmiths were a bit like a spookier and weirder Green Lantern Corps/Lensman Corps that played a key role in Miracleman's origins. 

Follow the link for more beautiful images and cool links. I may have to do a follow-up...