Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Return of Miracleman!

One of the many kicks in the pants that I got for starting this blog was the announcement that Marvel will finally be reprinting the adventures of Miracleman!
Long out of print, Marvel Comics is pleased to announce that the earth-shattering stories that injected new levels of sophistication into the super hero genre will finally see the light of day once again! Starting this January, Marvel will begin publishing the legendary run of Miracleman by the original creators that began in Warrior Magazine and continued under now defunct publisher Eclipse Comics!
More images and information from Marvel's press release are in the link above. While the press release specifically names Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's work on the series, it neglects to mention Alan Moore, Gary Leach, Alan Davis, or any of the other creators who worked on the series before Gaiman and Buckingham started their run.

Most telling for me was this little line from the press release:
Fans lucky enough to have read these trailblazing stories when they were originally produced have often referred to this legendary run on Miracleman as “the lost Watchmen,” (emphasis mine) and Marvel is proud to finally bring these incredible comics to an audience that has clamored for them.
I guess Marvel finally has their book which they can compare to DC's Watchmen series.

Still, this is pretty exciting news. Even though I might wait for the trade editions, I'll be looking forward to seeing these books at my LCS.

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